Call to Artists: Bronze Sculpture of Barefoot Mailman

Location on AIA between Hillsboro Beach and Pompano Beach.

Location on AIA between Hillsboro Beach and Pompano Beach.

The City of Pompano Beach, Florida, 40 miles north of Miami, seeks an artist to create a public sculpture in bronze to celebrate the legend of the late 19th century “Barefoot Mailman”.   The sculpture will become iconic on top a column on the bridge crossing the Hillsboro Inlet.  The inlet connects the Atlantic Ocean with the Intracoastal Waterway.  Details at City of Pompano Beach, RFP T-06-14.  $50,000 to 75,000 budget for sculpture and installation.  (No engineering).  A shortlist of finalists will be selected and paid $500 for a proposal.   On Google Maps, type “Hillsboro Inlet Bridge, Hillsboro Beach, Fl”  Application due on January 14, 2014.

Below are part of the RFP. Please download and review the full text.

Bronze Sculpture
The 3-dimensional cast Bronze Sculpture may depict important features of US Barefoot
Mailman Carriers. Suggested features include:
1. A backpack used to carrier the mail / parcels;
2. A machete or long knife used to defend against the natural elements of Florida in the
1880’s; thick mangroves, dense woods, alligators, sharks, snakes, etc.;
3. Their distinct hat used to protect their heads and face from the South Florida Sun;
4. Their shoes; which were carried more than worn given their route on the beach;
5. Clothes; long sleeve shirt with either shorts or pants rolled up.

The artist may use their own interpretation of the elements listed above as well as other
historically depicted elements associated with the legend of the Barefoot Mailman.

Given the size of the pedestal top, it will be up to the artist to decide the exact position
and height of the sculpture (although it should be noted that most other barefoot
mailman sculptures have been depicted in a walking position). The size of the sculpture
shall be appropriate to fit on the pedestal top, which gives a life-size height of
approximately +/- 6’-0”; again, exact size and dimensions shall be determined by the
artist and approved by the city. The Bronze sculpture shall be finished and in a patina.

The artist shall be responsible for the following:
1. Full Scale Casting per above.
2. Full Scale Model in Clay, molds as required for the bronze casting.
3. Consideration must be made for the extreme conditions of the bridge. This includes
not only typical coastal South Florida conditions of sun, salt water and humidity but
vibration due to its location on the bridge.
4. The lighting of the sculpture is already included in the bridge improvement package,
and shall comply with local turtle protection requirements.
5. Artist must work with the city’s contracted engineer and contractor to ensure the
structural design and wind loading is in compliance including all required
connections to the concrete pedestal.
6. Shipping and on-site installation. (Please note: the installation shall be coordinated
closely with the awarded general contractor working on the bridge.)

Location on Bridge.

Location on Bridge.

More information about the Barefoot Mailman on the IBIartPompano blog.

Story of the Mailman

Hillsboro Inlet Bridge Today

Hillsboro Inlet Bridge Today

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