Idea #5 That’s a lot of NFL Football Players from Pompano


Corey Simon, NFL

In 2003, Pompano Beach’s Blanche Ely High School had more graduates playing in the National Football League (six) than did any other high school in the USA.  How about a mural of the players with room for more !

  • Tyrone Carter, New York Jets
  • Henri Crockett, Minnesota Vikings
  • Zack Crockett, Oakland Raiders
  • Al Harris, Green Bay Packers
  • Jerome McDougle, Philadelphia Eagles
  • Corey Simon, Philadelphia Eagles

And also from Blanche Ely, James Jones, Detriot Lions (Retired in 2002)


Zack Crockett, NFL

Tyrone Carter, NFL

Tyrone Carter, NFL

Other NFL players form Pompano Beach according the Wikipedia

  • Barry Krauss, Miami Dolphins
  • Stockar McDougle, Jacksonville Jaguars
  • Dan Nugent, Washington Redskins
  • Patrick Peterson, Arizona Cardinals
  • Jason Pierre-Paul, New York Giants
  • Clint Session, Indianapolis Colts
  • Brett Swenson, Indianapolis Colts

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