Boat Making by Merritt, Chris Craft, and Active Thunder

Merritt’s Boat and Engine Work.  Since  Franklin (Roy) and Ennis Merritt purchased a 10 acre tract of land on the Intracoastal Waterway and started the Merritt’s Boat and Engine Works in works, building boats and boat components have been a part of the economic and social life of Pompano Beach.  Their son, Buddy Merritt, designed and built his first fishing boat in 1955 at 37 feet.  See more of the beautiful Merritt boats build over the 57 years at

Merritt Boat Yard

Merritt Boat Yard

In 1957, Chris Craft moved its entire manufacturing, administration and engineering from Michigan to a 200,000 sq ft factory and headquarters building in Pompano Beach on Andrews Avenue at SW 6th Street.  At the time, worlds largest builder of pleasure boats.  The plant closed in 1979.

Chris-Craft Corporation 1959

Chris-Craft Corporation 1957-1979

For many images of Chris Craft boats see a few here at Marine Museum. and more at the Chris Craft history page.

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Active Thunder at 2520 North East 5th Avenue in Pompano Beach is building fiberglass speed boats today.  And if you did not know, a major speed boat enthusiasts club, Florida Powerboat Club, has its headquarters at 1214 SW 6th Street, Pompano Beach.

Active Thunder Boats

Active Thunder Boats

Several quality companies manufacture boat parts and equipment in Pompano Beach

MarQuipt at 3100 Southwest Tenth Street, specializes in cranes, gangplanks, ladders, stairs and other parts of high end yachts.

Wells Marine at 2511 NW 16th Ln # 8  makes “arches” in mirror polished stainless steel tubing since Howard Wells founded the company in 1986.

All American Trailers at  560 NW 12th Ave  manufacture boat trailers.

And they only repair and sell them, but its cool that airboats are part of Pompano Beach.  Stop by Schmidt Airboats at 1101 W McNab Rd

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