Opinions on Public Art at 2014 Nautical Flea Market

NAUTICAL FLEA MARKET – Last weekend, 100+ people answered a questionnaire about public art in Pompano Beach.  Most people live Pompano and enjoy the arts.  Below are the complete charts.

Remember that this method of surveying is not scientific like a Gallup poll.  For example, we know that a number of people don’t like art, they refused to answer the survey.  The goal of the surveying is to find themes, locations and art types that have a positive response by a percentage of Pompano residents, employees and visitors.  The low numbers can mean anything such as too particular an idea or not enough knowledge of the place or artwork type.

A few of observations.

1. Parks, Beach, Landscape Places, Farming and Environment were all 1st or 2nd in their category suggesting a strong desire for artworks that enhances and celebrate green spaces in the City.

2.  Perhaps because is was the Nautical Flea, themes about boat making and fishing ranked high as did an underwater sculpture garden.  The survey will used at other places.

3.  There was relatively high interest in the historical themes about farming and 1950s-1970s motels.

4.  Modern sculpture and historic murals did well, but contemporary abstract murals and monument/towers were not as popular.

5.  Good support was found for improving the places where people walk with functional artworks and decorative sidewalks

NauticalFlea (1) NauticalFlea (3) NauticalFlea (4) NauticalFlea (5) NauticalFlea (6) NauticalFlea (7) NauticalFlea (8) NauticalFlea (9)

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