Idea #6: Plant Seagrapes, Dade County Pine and Fruits

Public Art can be a landscape. Think of the double row of 200 year old oaks leading to the front door of a Louisiana plantation or the cropped square trees and bushes of a French 17th Century mansion.  What kind of landscape could be made in Pompano Beach?

In 1953, the Pompano Beach City Commission designated the sea grape as the city’s official tree.  The Pompano Beach Garden Club had requested the designation, and also urged that 1,000 sea grape trees be planted on municipal property.  The biggest one I have seen is at the Charles Drew Family Resource Center in the Collier City neighborhood.

Charles Drew Family Resource Center, Collier City

Charles Drew Family Resource Center, Collier City

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pinuselliotii1Before the arrival of the FEC Railroad in Pompano in 1896, many “Dade County Pines” or Pinus elliottii  var. densa.  grew on the rocky ground.  (Remember Pompano was in Dade County until the state created Broward in 1915)  This unique slash pine produces an extreme dense wood with lots of resin.  It was prized for house construction because very few insects can eat through it.  South Florida slash pine is a tall (to 50′) fast growing tree with open branching. Cones are usually produced beginning at the age of ten years. This pine must have full sun all day, excellent drainage and no disturbance to their root systems.

Dade Pine

Dade County Pine

According the Historical Society, a wide variety of fruits grew in backyards throughout Pompano: oranges, grapefruit, lemon, mango, alvocado,  guavas, surinam cherries, mulberries, sapodillas and sugar apples.

Guava Fruit

Guava Fruit

Pineapple Guava Tree

Pineapple Guava Tree

Sugar Apples

Sugar Apples

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