9-11 Memorial for the 343 Fallen First Responders

Fire Chief John Jurgle has acquired a piece of steel from the World Trade Center for use in a memorial for the 343 first responders that died saving lives on September 11, 2001.  At the March meeting of the Public Art Committee, Chief Jurgle ask the committee to utilized the steel as a public art project.

Below are two Florida memorials created from a similar size steel in Oldsmar and Tamarac.

Oldsmar, Florida

Oldsmar, Florida

Tamarac, Florida

Tamarac, Florida


Here are a sampling of other memorials in Florida.

3 responses to “9-11 Memorial for the 343 Fallen First Responders

  1. I think the two that are within circles work nicely – like the ones in Oldsmar and Windermere – It would be nice to have it located at the Civic Center on 6th were there is other memorials.

    My third choice is putting on City Hall like Tamarac’s. Or on our Public Safety building.

    Thank you to Chief Jurgle for obtaining the piece and to IBE Group for providing a public forum.
    Mary Antoine

  2.  Hello again ~

    The city of Port St. Lucie has a 9-11 Memorial at the Civic Center (see photo attached). The steel beam was donated by the nonprofit, 9/11 First Responders of the Treasure Coast (Dennis McKenna, representative). The base is a fountain with the names of all the victims engraved in black granite. It was made with over $50K in donated materials and services.




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