Update of Ideas for Master Plan

On May 22nd, the Public Art Committee reviewed ideas and locations.  Next week this blog will have the priorities of the Committee begin the general dialogue on the choices.  The Committee did agree to prioritize the following districts for the next ten years.

Urban Pedestrian Districts
Downtown Creative Arts District
Beach and Pier District

Boaters and Fishing District
NE Intracoastal

Mural and Neighborhood Improvement Districts
South Dixie Industrial Crafts
Collier City Homes


Cultural Facilities

Downtown Cultural Center and Broward Library
Olson Center
Skolnick Center
Cresthaven Center
Ely House
Kester Cottages
Sample-MacDougald House
Indian Mound
(Larson Center has existing sculpture by George Gadson)


I-95 Atlantic Entry at Avondale Park
Airpark near Goodyear Blimp
Pompano Reef
NE Intracoastal and Hillsboro Inlet


Collier City Pocket Park
Apollo Park / Skatepark
Federal Hwy Entry to Pompano Community Park
Golf Course

Other City of Pompano Buildings

Future Civic Campus
Future Fire Stations
Water Tanks (Paint)


Biannual underwater sculpture park addition
Annual Inflatables Festival at a Blimp Museum

Mosaic Tile Team
Murals of famous paintings
Trails of small sculptures

Artworks with the boat makers
Fish Sculptures from around the world
Monumental Sculpture as civic image
Complete streets demonstration projects
Murals of Professional Athletes from Pompano
Artworks honoring famous residents
Artwork to honor the history of farming and farm workers
Adopt a Park for Art (like McNab Park)
Tall sculpture plinth for annual sculpture competition
Collaborate with Brazilians Consul for art by Brazilians
Encourage private murals with incentives and new design criteria and approvals
Encourage private sculptures with set-aside sculpture locations on newly approved site plans
Veterans Memorial



Trail of small sculptures – public and private property
Mosaic Tile Installations – Sidewalks, benches, fences and building walls
Gateway artwork on MLK at I-95
Entry sculpture at southwest corner of MLK & Dixie
Temporary Murals with photo interaction – Private buildings
Murals and temporary sculptures at Ali Building
Sculptures on north and south of Atlantic Blvd on First Avenue NE
Temporary Artfence by BaCA artists on eastside of new downtown plaza (Flagler and 1st St NE)
Alley installation behind BaCA
Artist collaboration on design of new water retention pond
Volunteer and folk art at future community garden (Flagler and 4th St NE)
Interior mural on staircase to Cultural Center
Temporary sculptures on Cultural Center entry balcony and courtyard
Artist design pathway from Library to City Hall



Great Lawn sculpture
Fish sculptures from throughout the world on sitting stones on N. Pompano Beach Blvd
Large sculpture at entrance to pier in new development plaza.
Sculpture at the end of the pier
Public artwork on top of the southeast corner of new parking garage
Artist design pedestrian path from pier to Intracoastal including the library lawn. Might be a lighted sequence at night.
2nd NE Street street-end park with tall illuminated sculpture on retaining wall. (Red light during turtle season. Green during off season)
Atlantic Blvd Bridge sails on top and mural underneath.



Boat sculptures at Alsdorf Park
Mural on underside of 14th Street Bridge
Large fishing sculpture at Hillsboro Inlet Redevelopment
Water edge sculptures or installation at parks and streetends against Intracoastal

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